SilverFin – Charlie Higson

Posted on June 15, 2008


Silverfin Cropped

We all know the story of James Bond , but what happened before 007?

In the Young Bond series (Silverfin, Blood Fever, Double or Die and Hurricane Gold) by Charlie Higson we explore James Bond’s life as a school boy. Even as a teenager Bond, James Bond gets into all kinds of scrapes and adventures, the earliest of which is Silverfin.

We first meet James on his first day at the posh public school called Eton, he is completely out of place. As we watch him progress, we slowly learn about his past and we gradually develop a relationship with the character.

We follow him on his travels to his aunt’s house, in the Highlands of Scotland. On his journey he meets “Red Kelly” a London boy with family who just so happen to live near to Aunt Charmain and Uncle Max. Over the course of the holiday, James learns to drive and also how to fish but his main interest is Loch Silverfin, owned by the mysterious Lord Hellebore. Him and “Red” end up tied up in the mess that is Project Silverfin with no way out.

The book itself is well written, the author shows well what goes on inside the mind of a teenage schoolboy and although it can sometimes seem far-fetched, the author’s use of language and descriptive talents manage to make us believe that James Bond’s life really is exciting.