Animal Farm – George Orwell

Posted on June 15, 2008


Animal Farm - George Orwell

Animal Farm was a satirical novella written by George Orwell during World War II but not published until 1945 due to it’s attack on Josef Stalin, who was at that time Britain’s ally.

The book covers the story of a group of animals who overthrow their farmer and take over the running over of the farm. This is a clear reference to the Russian Revolution. At the start of the revolution, it is set out that all the animals are equal and as opposite to humans as is possible. However, throughout the book, a pig named Napoleon, manages to turn the equal farm into a dictatorship and is portrayed at the end of the book, along with his fellow pigs, as having almost become humans themselves.

This book is amazingly eye-opening and a great read for anyone who likes to think. The simple plot covers up a much more complicated message.

Animal Farm – George Orwell *****

By Tom