Raven’s Gate – Anthony Horowitz

Posted on June 15, 2008


Raven's Gate Cover

The first in the Power of Five series. This Book is over two years old , but is still a strong favorite with young readers and has won many awards.

The Book Revolves around Matt Freeman , although he calls himself Matt. He is 15 , and lives in a troubed part of London. He has a special , particular power which he has no knowledge of or no control. His childhood has been raptured as his parents were killed in a car crash. He feels guilty as he had a vision the night before his parents death ( at the age of eight ) , and instead of warning his parents , he prevented himself from going on the car trip.

From there he went downhill , and the story starts off with Matt sitting on a wall , waiting for a teenage juvenile. It sees the two boys rob a warehouse , get caught and having a security guard stabbed. Matt is blamed , and his life takes a turn for the worse. His supervisor , Stephen Mallory , enrols him into the LEAF program. A new fictional governement program for young offenders , so instead of going to prison they work on a farm or a rural area so they are reformed. Matt is sent to a farm with Mrs Deverill , infulenced by the Old One’s.

This is all I can say without revealing the whole book. He resides in a supernatural village , undermined by a secret nemesisical cult. He makes friends and allies , and experinces paradoxes and mysteries that he could never solve on his own. The book eventually climaxes at a MegaNatural Ritual at dis-used government nuclear power plant. It is a great book for teen readers , combining magic and real life , making it almost completely beleiveable.

I am going to rate it ***** , as it is a quality written book and has set a good foundation for the other three released books.

(Evil Star, Night Rise and NecroPolis will be reviewed shortly)

By Callum