StormBreaker – Anthony HoroWitz

Posted on June 15, 2008


StormBreaker cover

Stormbreaker is the first in the series of books written by Anthony Horowitz about boy spy, Alex Rider

In Stormbreaker, we meet Alex in his home, where he lives with his uncle and housekeeper. When his uncle was announced dead after a car accident, Alex begins to suspect something is wrong.

As Alex unravels the secrets his uncle has been keeping, he ends up taking his uncle’s place at MI6. He is sent away to uncover the mystery that MI6 believe surrounds the new Stormbreaker computers. Can Alex find the answer in time?

The book is very well written with an exciting plot and its full of action! As with most books about child spies it can often get slightly far-fetched but with Alex Rider…. it dosen’t even matter!

Stormbreaker – Anthony Horowitz *****