The Recruit – Robert Muchamore

Posted on June 15, 2008



The bestselling , the recruit. It is the first in the CHERUB series , winning several awards and a well known favorite. The story is set in a hoodie area of London , with James Adams the main character. His Mother is Obese , and he has a half sister. The story begins with James in school ( year seven ) , and getting annoyed by a girl who makes fat jokes about his mum. He slams her against a wall , and the girl’s cheek is scraped by a nail. James pushes his teacher to the floor and runs away from his school. He returns home to find he has been expelled. He also contemplates the fact that his mum manages a shoplifting gang , and how his quality of life was through crime.

His Mother gets a voicemail to their flat saying that James has been expelled. James stays away from Home , and is violently confronted by the afore-mentioned girl’s brother. This sets the pace for the whole book , and it doesn’t get any less exciting 😉 . When he returns home , his world is turned upside down when he finds his mum dead on the sofa. He and his sister are taken into care , and are soon recruited into a secret government agency , CHERUB. CHERUB is a secret organisation which uses children to arrest/foil crime. They are trained to the highest of their abilities , and are selctively recruited. The novel sees James go through this process , while getting into tricky situations , looking after his sister , and even enduring a 100 day training program , described by other agents as ” 100 days in hell “. There is also a high risk mission invloved , inwhich James gets the girl( kinda ) , foils a crime and pleases the Organisation

This is a great kick-off to a great series . It is very well written , and worthy of the awards it has won. There are 8 other CHERUB books released , with one World Book Day Novel as well. Expect reviews of all of these too! The author is also branching off in the series , with a new spin-off called henderson’s boys. It is based in WWII , where CHERUB is founded , starring the modern day chairman mac as a young child. All three books are 300+ pages long , and will be released in the space of a year. This has created great excitement between fans. This Book is an all time great , and is rightly recognised as so. ****** from me. Watch out for more Book reviews.

By Callum.