Evil Star – Anthony Horowitz

Posted on June 16, 2008



This is the second instalment of the Power of Five Series. It begins with Matt in Richard’s flat , and Matt going to school. Matt attends a private school , funded by a secret Agency. He is explicitly bullied at his school , but since he is inferior in the teacher’s point of view , little is done. However , the bully takes it too far. He makes comments about Matt and his family and Matt has a moment where his power is unleashed uncontrollably. It affects the chandelier , which lands near the bully , slitting the afore mentioned bully’s wrists in the process. The next day , Matt receives no further trouble , however , His Auntie Gwen is being influenced by the Old Ones to drive a petrol tanker into the school , and Matt has a vison of this , with the Children around him being incinerated. With no delay, Matt hits the fire bell , and the school line up a mile from the school. Matt is hassled by teachers , until they see Petrol Tanker collide into the cafeteria wall. The Local newspaper makes a report , being promptly followed by national newpapers.

Matt is portrayed excellently at the start of this book. His confused , noble and tempermental personality come across clearly , and even the way his actions are written screams writing talent. And the way AH manipulates the plot so Matt is target from petty bullying and SuperNatural Abuse from the Old Ones is Truly compelling. Matt and Richard are unsafe in england , so they fly out to Peru to find a second member  of the Power of Five. However , they are pursued by Diego Salamanda , an oddly shaped corrupt entrepeneur who has made contact with the old ones

This gives you the base for an excellent story. From Matt being assaulted in Peru by police officers, to making friends with a street beggar , Losing Richard and saving the world  , it is all one rollercoaster. It is a almost compulsary read for teenagers , it is built on the foundations of reality , yet the bricks are made of sinister magic. The story reveals several mysteries left untold , leaving the rest to be unravveled in the next books. Anthony Horowitz has perfected a brilliant peice of writing , one that anyone of any age can enjoy again and again. ( NOTE: The Movie Franchise is currently in the negotiation process , so watch out for the movie , or check back here for further updates! )

Overall , yet another amazing power of five novel. One that will hold the series out against the others. This series has true potential , and it is rightly fulfilling it. I am going to be reviewing the next two Power of Five Books ( Night Rise and Necropolis ) within the next three weeks.I will be reviewing other books in that time as well , 😛

***** , with only some parts of this great book left untuned. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a long , exciting teenage read 😉

By Callum 🙂