Class A – Robert Muchamore

Posted on June 19, 2008



Class A is the second instalment in the CHERUB series , and perhaps the one that gives the series it’s down to earth precedent. This book wastes no time on getting straight into the book. It starts on a pacific hostel island , a holiday camp for the CHERUB’s. Even though they are on holiday , they can still be inflicted with a suprise mission , and this is exactly what happened to James and Bruce Norris. They must rescue hostages from a guarded house , but are foiled as they try to escape in a hijacked car.

   They are forced to walk the 10k back to the hostel , and when they get back , an argument stirs as Kerry and Gabrielle tease James and Bruce. A fight breaks out between Kerry and Bruce , and it ends with Kerry snapping her knee.

   Bruce and James are reprimanded by being sent home. A mission is soon brought in , involving Kyle , Nicole James and Kerry. The mission is based on foiling a drug distribution gang , named KMG. This is the title for the book , Class A = Cocaine etc.

   They pose as a foster family in bedfordshire , and James begins to work on his target , Junior Moore. They soon befriend eachother and get up to some slightly illegal antics. James is soon stuck between having a relationship with Nicole or Junior’s sister , April. He soon becomes involved in the drug industry , and maybe a bit too deep. Who knows? You better read the book 😉

   This book really emphasises Muchamore’s ability to write for teenager’s. Using modern slang , common teenage hobbies and a completely realistic storyline. It tackles some issues that other authors would not dare to tackle , including teenage revelation of homosexuality , drugs and the way children can go off the rails and be manipulated in a bad way. This is a true classic , and I challenge the writing community to produce something as down to earth as this. It is a book I will read and reccomend forever. ***** from me , and excellent book



By callum