NightRise – Anthony Horowitz

Posted on June 20, 2008


Night Rise is the second most exclusive release in the Power of Five series , and also the longest in the series so far. This time we discover Three members of the power of five , two who feature strongly in the book and one who is included at the epilougue of the book. The two mentioned characters are Scott and Jamie , who are twins. Their power is the first power that has an effect on the inflictors and the victims. Scott and Jamie can communicate without talking , just through thought. This sees them starring in a ” Circus of the mind ” show , in which they perform tricks that boggle the minds of the confused audience. However, several of the audience members intend to do something other than just enjoy a show. Some sinister , some desperate yet helpful. Scott , the older twin who constantly looks after Jamie has a vision about a young boy being beaten , and an audience member recognises the boy in the vision as her son. Scott and the woman have a brief confrontation until it is the end of the show , and then another show.

This time two agents are here to examine the boys with permission from their “uncle” don. However , the two agents betray and kill the boy’s uncle , and attempt to kidnap the boys. Jamie escapes , but Scott is shot with a tranquiliser and dissapears

This bokk breathes new life into the series. The general Matt finding everyone regime seemed to almost give the series a discontinuous future , but now unpredictability is rampant and gives the series back it’s edge. Night Rise is the first book in which more than one power of five member is uncovered , and Horowitz makes it work perfectly. The subtle interlace with modern american affairs makes it all the more beleivable. This is easily the best in the series so far , the storyline is more complicated , alternating worlds , which also includes meeting the first power of five during the time of war and death , in which is compelling and shows Anthony Horowitz’s ability to compose for all genres

As a novel , this is excellent. As a past-time book , it is great. The book gives you a thrill and a read you will always remember. Quality book , *****

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