Of Mice And Men – John Steinbeck

Posted on June 20, 2008


Of Mice And Men is one of the most popular works of Nobel Prize winning author: John Steinbeck.

It deals with the story of George Milton and Lennie Small. George is a level-headed rather cynical man and Lennie suffers from a mental disorder giving him the mind of a child. They are forced to jump from ranch to ranch due to Lennie’s unfortunate habit of causing trouble unintentionally.Their ultimate aim is to eventually own their dream ranch, a story that Lennie is constantly asking George to tell. At their current ranch, they intergrate well into the community and one of the workers even agrees to help with their ranch dream. Unfortunately, Lennie’s love of soft things causes him to accidentally kill the wife of the ranch-owner’s son: Curley. Lennie flees to a meeting point that he had pre-arranged with George, in case of an emergency. Here, George catches up with him and, in order to save him from the vengeful Curley, shoots him humanely in the back of the head whilst telling him the story of their ranch.

I was sceptical about this book because I had to do coursework on it. I am now pleased that I got it from the library to get ahead. It was an awesome, powerful, heart-wrenching tale that really shows us every side of human nature.

Of Mice And Men – John Steinbeck ****

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