The Curse of The GloamGloazer – Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

Posted on June 21, 2008


The Curse of the Gloamgloazer is not the first in the Edge Chronicles to be released , but it is the first on the plot timeline. Remember the Main character , Quint. He is main character only in this book , but most of the plot and events unfolded in the series revolves around him. Quint is a young boy , smitten with the Sky Pirate LifeStyle. They live on the edgeland , a fantastical place where sky pirates rule the land. Quint is taken to a floating college called sanctaphrax , which resides upon a floating rock , which is held by a collosal chain. Quint is left there by his Sky Pirate father who wants better for his son , and encouraged by the High Acadee , Linus. He befriends a girl called Maris , the High Academe’s daughter. Quint is soon unknowingly plunged into a world He never imagined existed , to a secret lab inside the great floating rock where life was created. He encounters a strange librarian , who seems to be the only one who can help , but his fate is decided. Quint must also try and solve the mystery of who is trying to assasinate the High Academe.

The Main Building is set on fire. An evil creature is let loose from the depths of the great rock. And through it all , Quint stays strong. This book is an excellent example to show that Fantasy series can live after Harry Potter.  Ten more books are already released. I would greatly reccomend you check the out ( ) the series. It has the most complicated and compelling storyline , plot and series of events I have ever seen in a book series. It spans generations with series , with each story revealing a secret and tantalisingly giving breath of a new untold one. This series is the unspoken legend of fantasy reading , And in my books easily trumps Harry Potter. With it’s emotinal storylines and constant varying charcters in each generation of the book , it is almost impossible to put down. I am sorry to see that the series has almost finished. Just one more book to be released and that will be it. The Series greater than Harry Potter ended without ever having true recogniton for it’s greatness. I incredible commend this book to anyone out there , for a series that will be read again and again through the ages.

PS: Chris and Paul wrote the whole series together. Never one on the lonesome


Hoping you enjoyed this review ,

Callum , 😉