Artemis Fowl – Eoin( Owen ) Colfer

Posted on June 22, 2008


Artemis Fowl is the first novel by Eoin Colfer which is featured for older reading. The star of this book is Anti-Hero Boy Genius Artemis Fowl. Artemis fowl lives in modern day Ireland , but has recently stumbled upon a supposed fairy book of magic. He finds and tricks a fairy into givinh him a spellbook with his trusty Bodyguard , Butler. Butler is a Burly Eurasian man who is highly skilled in arms and martial combat , and is trained not to be sceptical of his employers escapades. One thing that fuels Artemis is the way his Family is breaking apart. His Father has been missing for over two years , declared dead , but Artemis does not accept that to be so. His mother has fallen mentally ill due to his Father’s dissapearence. He kidnaps a Fairy trying to recharge her power , Holly

His activities soon trigger a retaliation from Haven – The underworld residence of faries and such. A small assault team is sent in , but defeated by Butler. This takes the story to new levels and takes Eoin Colfer to new writing heights. This is  a great book to open a series with , and also closed all doubts of Eoin’s writing talent 🙂


By Callum 🙂