Lord Loss – Darren Shan

Posted on June 22, 2008


Lord Loss is the first book in Darren Shan’s gory Demonata series.

It starts with the protagonist Grubbs Grady noticing that his family have started to ignore him and treat him strangely. Then, one night when Grubbs returns from staying with relatives, he finds that his family have been slaughtered by the demon master Lord Loss, and his familiars Artery and Vein. After a brief stay in a mental institution, Grubbs is taken to live with his uncle Dervish who insists that demons are real and that Grubbs was not hallucinating. Grubbs befriends Bill-E Spleen, who later turns out to be his brother. Bill-E thinks that Dervish might be a werewolf. It eventually turns out that Bill-E is the werewolf and Dervish reveals that there family is cursed by a wolfen gene. The only way to get Bill-E back is to duel Lord Loss. A pair is needed for this bout, one to play chess against Lord Loss and one to fight off his familiars. Dervish elects that he should play chess and Grubbs should fight. However, they eventually swap and Grubbs wins the game, saving Bill-E.

An amazing start to the series, the best of the five that I have read.

Lord Loss – Darren Shan *****

By Tom