Demon Thief – Darren Shan

Posted on June 23, 2008


Demon Thief is the second book in the Demonata series.

This book is set thirty years before Lord Loss and deals with the second protagonist of the series: Kernel Fleck. Ever since he was small, he found that he could see floating lights in the air that he could move and join together. Then when his little brother Art is kidnapped during a demon attack, he finds out just how important these lights could be. Kernel eventually meets The Disciples, a group of mages committed to fighting demons, led by a magician named Beranabus. They are searching for a demon-killing weapon known as the Kah Gah. After a long and perilous journey, they reach the dwelling of demon master Lord Loss who says that Kernel can have Art back if he is successful in cpturing and naming the “Demon Thief” whilst being contained in a giant chess board. After two unsuccessful attempts at guessing, Kernel realises that the demon thief was in fact himself. When he was younger, Kernel had disappeared for a few days and had brought back one of Lord Loss’ familiars, transforming him into a human child. Kernel opts not to take “Art” back to earth and also chooses to continue travelling with Beranabus. With Berananbus, he works out that he is also the piece of the Kah Gah.

Probably the weakest of the series. The books without Grubbs Grady tend to be disappointing.

Demon Thief – Darren Shan ***

By Tom