The Supernaturalists – Eoin Colfer

Posted on June 25, 2008


Supernaturalists cover

This book is one of the many stand-alone novels Eoin has written. Set A few hundred years into the future , where global warming is inches from explosion and society has lost any moral pride. Orphans are looked after in Labour Camps until they are 18. But until then , they are tested upon with new cosmetic products and music releases for food. They sleep in a cubicle no small than 2 metres by 1. The only way they can get out before then is if they are fostered , or sponsored by someone on the outside. Weapons and Technology are much more efficient and dangerous.

The story revolves around a young boy called Cosmos , 16 and no prospects. He and his friend Ziplock soon hatch a plan to escape. They succeed in doing so , but soon learn of a dangerous invisible species which thrives on pain. They soon run , and Ziplock breaks down. He jumps off a cliff , dragging Cosmo with him. They land on a generator , which Ziplock activates and is instantaeneously killed. Cosmo is sent flying , dead towards the ground. However , he is come across by a group of rebels who resuscitate him , and take him back to their base to heal him.

This is more Science Fiction than fanstasy. I think it’s great when an author shows he can write across multiple genres , demonstrated also in Half-Moon Investigations. He delves deeper into character reformation and development this time , which was lacking in the first AF book. It creates a general group interdependency , which sometimes features in other of his books too.

Overall , quite a nice read. Plot wasn’t desperately complex , but still had the secrets and revelations to it. Reccomended!

Callum 🙂