A Company Of Swans – Eva Ibbotson

Posted on June 26, 2008



Doesn’t every young girl dream of being a ballerina? In A Company Of Swans, to Harriet, it means everything to dance. Those of you who find the art of ballet boring, you wont be disappointed because there is a lot of thought-provoking messages and it tells the hardships of one girl from Cambridge.

Harriet is the daughter of a university professor, but her life is run by his sister Louisa and her gang.  When a famous man comes to her dance school and wants HER to join his copse de ballet on a trip to the Amazon, she is overwhelmed. This is NOT suitable behaviour for an upright Cambridge girl and she is not allowed to go.

When she visits Stavely home and meets young Henry, she finds the inspiration to go and join the ballet. On her trip to the Amazon she discovers more about herself, romance and dance.


I’d give this book **** because although I absolutely loved it, the ending could have been BIGGER!!! It ended on rather a dull note. A great read for anyone who loves thinking, dance or romance.