Children of the Red King – Jenny Nimmo

Posted on June 30, 2008


Children of the Red King or Charlie Bone are a series of books written by a well known author called Jenny Nimmo. The central character in this fantasy series is Charlie Bone who is a pupil at Bloor’s Academy.

Bloors Academy is a school for those who are endowed or have a particular talent in Music, Drama or Art. While at the school he becomes an enemy of the owners of the Academy and also some of the other endowed children. Along with his friends Charlie works against the bad guys as there plans become more and more dangerous for Charlie and friends.

Despite it being a fantasy series i find in parts that it can become a little far fetched and repetive. I think sometimes it would be nice to see bad conquer against good. Well just for a bit anyway.

As the series progresses the books become darker and more mysterious. You discover more about many of the characters pasts, so there are a few surprises in store. I personally found it quite and easy read. If you’re looking for something a bit different or looking for a fantasy series I would highly recommend this series.

By Sophie

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