Ginger Snaps – Cathy Cassidy

Posted on July 29, 2008



Oh god I hear ye groan, but remember, not everyone who reads this frowns apon girly twaddle. And besides, I’m a Cassidy fan 😀

Ginger Snaps is all about friendship and trust. We meet Ginger, at primary school she was teased because she was overweight and she didn’t fit in with the “cool” kids, but when she moves on to High School, she swaps puppy fat and pigtails for mini-skirts and mascara. She finds herself a best friend who is cool, confident and popular, but when she meets mysterious Sam, who is the only boy to notice Ginger – not Shannon. Sam is weird, musical and NOT on Shannon’s scale of cool.

When an old school friend Emily ends up alone at High School, Shannon and Ginger take her under their wings, and transform the geeky, shy girl into a mini Shannon with brains. Unfortuanatly, as Ginger get’s closer to Sam and as Shannon get’s closer to Emily, Ginger isn’t sure who her friends are anymore.

I’d rate this book **** – I enjoyed it greatly but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who pukes at the sight of girly books! I liked the title, as “GingerSnaps” is Sam’s nickname for Ginger, but you could also take it as in “Ginger Snaps” as in she has a breakdown or something. A good read for anyone who loves cute stories about friendship.


By Eilidh

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