Run – Jeff Abbott

Posted on July 31, 2008


Run is written by Jeff Abbott and is filled with action until the very end. Throughout the book the perspective changes chapter by chapter. From chapter to chapter the setting will completely change. At times this can get confusing.

Ben Forsberg is central to the storyline as his past and present comes back to haunt him once more. In a world where his friends are truly his enemies who can he trust. A man who was once an ordinary man is everything but. Everything seems to link back to him. Will he survive to tell the tale?

Personally i thought this was a really good book, but at times i did find myself skipping pages. At the time I was on holiday on a sofa bed, so that might be why :P. I will reccomend this book but it might not be to everyones tatse.

Posted in: 14+, By Sophie, Thriller