POINT BLANC – Anthony Horowitz

Posted on August 9, 2008



This is he second installment from Anthony Horowitz’s series about the reluctant boy spy, Alex Rider.

It all kicks off when two millionaires are killed in what appear to be horrible accidents, but MI6 suspects foul play. The only connection between the two deaths is that both their sons go to Point Blanc Academy, a reform school for rich but badly behaved boys. The only spy suitable for the job is Alex, and he is sent in as son of a rich man, it doesn’t take him long to discover that something suspicious is going on, but will he find out what it is in time?

The book is aimed at teenagers, but anyone who picks up this book will be instantly gripped by the story. Anyone who loves action packed, high paced stories will love this book. I’d rate it **** – it was really good but I enjoyed Stormbreaker more. A great read.


By Eilidh