Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

Posted on August 29, 2008



If you haven’t read this book, you have not lived! It’s a vampire romance, and I love it.


When Bella’s Mum gets remarried, she decides to move back in with her dad, to give Renee and Paul some space. She arrives in Forks, a seemingly dull town but how dull can a town be with the Cullen’s living near by?

Edward is gorgeous, smart, strange…. and did I mention he’s a vampire? Bella ends up passionately in love with him. It doesn’t bother Bella, but it bothers Edward, because although his family refuses to drink human blood, he believes that himself and his family are a danger to her.

Just when it was going so right, it goes so wrong. Can Bella survive being tracked to see Edward just once more? Find out in this thrilling novel!

This book deserves ***** – it’s glamorous, well written and totally addicting. Move over JK Rowling!