New Moon – Stephenie Meyer

Posted on September 14, 2008


The second book in the hugely popular Twilight series continues to probe into Bella Swan’s dangerous love for vampire Edward Cullen and shows the development of her friendship to werewolf Jacob Black.

The story starts at Bella’s eighteenth birthday party. Whilst reluctantly opening a present, she receives a paper cut causing all of the vampires in the room to become excited, and a danger to Bella. In order to save her from the constant danger, Edward and his family leave, breaking Bella’s heart. Being at rock bottom throws her into the arms of Jacob Black, who seems to make her life complete as she does the dangerous things that cause Edward’s voice to sound in her mind. Finding out that Jacob and his friends are turning into werewolves does not serve as any sort of deterrent to Bella and she continues to see him. One day, Bella tries cliff diving, a sport she saw several of Jacob’s friends doing days previously. In doing this, she causes Alice to think that she is committing suicide, a fact that Rosalie informs Edward. Alice returns to Forks to see that Bella is alive and realises that Edward hhas gone to Italy to anger the Volturi, the vampire law enforcers. They manage to stop him doing something he will regret, but the Volturi give them an ultimatum. Change Bella to a vampire, or she will be killed.

The second book in the series suffers from the lack of Edward, but majorly enhances Jacob’s character and is a good building block for the next book to build on.

New Moon – Stephenie Meyer ****

By Tom.