Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer

Posted on October 3, 2008


The third book in the hugely popular Twilight series continues to probe into Bella Swan’s dangerous love for vampire Edward Cullen and signifies a major difference in Bella’s feelings towards her werewolf friend, Jacob Black.

Seattle is plagued by a string of unsolved murders that are suspected by the Cullens to be the work of a newborn vampire. Edward initially forbids Bella from going to see Jacob, but eventually relents. Bella and Edward decide to get married. It is discovered that the killings are the work of Victoris (the mate of the tracker that Edward killed in Twilight) and an army of newborns. The vampires and werewolves band together to combat the army and are eventually able to triumph. During the times of the battle, Bella realises that she does indeed love Jacob more than a friend. Jacob runs away on hearing that Bella still wants to become a vampire.

This is one of my favourite Twilight books, second only to the original. I love the fact that Bella has to face her love for both of the men in her life.

Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer ****

By Tom.