Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer

Posted on February 27, 2009


The fourth book in Stephenie Meyer’s spellbinding supernatural love saga shows Bella Swan’s struggle to continue life with her vampire partner Edward Cullen and put up with the constant advances of her werewolf best friend Jacob Black.

The story starts, as with the rest of the series, from Bella’s point of view and deals with telling of her marriage to Edward and their subsequent honeymoon during which the couple finally have sex. Soon after, Bella suspects that she has fallen preganant, a fact that Carlisle then confirms. After this, the story switches to Jacob’s perspective as Bella’s baby grows at an accelerated rate. He is forced to split from the main wolf pack in order to prevent them from tracking down and killing the child. Bella eventually has the child, whom Jacob then imprints on, but is almost killed in the process and Edward is forced to finally grant her wish of changing her into a vampire. The final part of the book switches back to Bella who is just adjusting to her new life as a vampire when Renesmee (her child) is spotted by another vampire who assumes that she is an “immortal child”, a race forbidden by the Volturi. The whole Volturi force is then sent to destroy the Cullens who assemble an army of witnesses who can prove that Renesmee is a half-breed and not one of the forbidden children. The Volturi eventually are forced to accept this truth and leave the family in peace without bloodshed.

I loved this entire book besides the incredibly anticlimactic ending, the ending being the only thing preventing it receiving five stars. The change in perspective works incredibly well and the entire plotline is ingenious. A fitting end to one of the best series of books in recent years.

Braking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer ****

By Tom.