Necropolis – Anthony Horowitz

Posted on February 27, 2009


Necropolis is the fourth and penultimate book in prolific teenage fiction author Anthony Horowitz’s Power of Five series. The series tells of five magical children known as “The Five” who have to gather together in order to defeat evil itself, the “Old Ones”. Necropolis is Horowitz’s first book containing a full-fledged female protagonist.

Scarlett Adams disappears through a door in St Meredith’s church on a school trip. She narrowly avoids capture by an army of unhinged monks and then refuses to describe what happened to the police. This story is published in the newspapers and Matt Freeman realises that he has found the last of the Five. Unfortunately, the Old Ones know that too. Throughout the book, Matt desperately tries to reach Scarlett in order to bring the Five together to fight the final great war that will banish the Old Ones but is continuously thwarted by the evil forces against them. The book ends with the Five split apart after scrambling into one of the many magic doors designed for them; separation leaving them vulnerable for the Old Ones to take action.

This is quite possibly the strongest book in the series. Despite his inexperience in heroines, Horowitz develops the character of Scarlett brilliantly, showing us exactly what is going on inside the girl’s head as she struggles with her true destiny and power. The huge amount of twists in the fantastically dense plot constantly keep the reader interested throughout. I am now gutted that it will probably be several years before we get to see the conclusion of this outstanding saga.

Necropolis – Anthony Horowitz *****

By Tom.