The Escape – Robert Muchamore

Posted on February 27, 2009


The Escape is the first book in the Henderson’s Boys series, a spin-off of Muchamore’s fantastic spy series CHERUB, exploring the origins of CHERUB during the Second World War. Two more books, Eagle Day and Secret Army have been confirmed over the next two years.

Charles Henderson, a British spy, returns to his house during Germany’s invasion of French in 1940 to find an orphan named Marc Kilgour who has been badly beaten up by German soldiers who believed the boy was aware of the spy’s whereabouts. Henderson and Marc then race across the country, braving the enemy forces, in order to rescue the children (Paul and Rosie Clarke) of one of his fellow spies (Digby Clarke). The story ends on a huge cliffhanger as the ferry Paul and Rosie are on sinks and Rosie is left wondering about whether or not Paul survived.

A gripping start to the series that thrusts the reader directly into the horror and ruthlessness of the Nazi invasion of France and the no-nonsense brutal ends that people were willing to go to to survive.

The Escape – Robert Muchamore ****

By Tom.