The Mighty Book Of Boosh – Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding

Posted on February 27, 2009


The Mighty Book Of Boosh is the latest project by the team behind the surreal comedy show. The Mighty Boosh has earned itself a cult following after a radio series, three TV series and two sell-out UK tours featuring their menagerie of engaging and often outrageous characters including the polo-eyed Hitcher and Bob Fossil, the retarded American zoo owner/erotic dancer.

The entire book continues with the surreal form that fans of the show are familiar with and contains a huge variety of Boosh goodies. There are short stories written in character by several of the stars, lyrics to the songs from the show and a tonne of behind the scenes photos as well as loads of other miscellaneous stuff.

Even taking into account its size, the book doesn’t take very long to read, but I guarantee that any Boosh fan would be laughing all the way through it. If you have never seen the TV show, you probably won’t get it, so should definitely watch that first. I thought that some of the content was absolutely amazing and almost every page had me in absolute hysterics. Brilliant!

The Mighty Book Of Boosh – Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding *****

By Tom.

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