Dear Readers

Posted on August 27, 2009


Hello, I’m Eilidh, the recently elusive creator of The Book Blog. This post is an apology, an apology for forgetting about what was and still is a great project. I have no real excuse, to be perfectly honest with you all. School has been more challenging certainly, but I have still found time to get online. Past reasons behind me, I’d like to breathe some fresh life in to The Book Blog.

So, this post is also a note to say “Start reading again!”, because you guys are the reason I’m doing this. It makes me so happy to see lovely comments waiting to be approved, it makes me smile when I see how many views we’re getting.

My first review will be of Rubies in The Orchard by Lynda Resnick. This review should’ve been written a long time ago, when I was so kindly sent a free copy. I did read and enjoy it, but unfortunately… yeah, insert an excuse here.

So hopefully you’re looking forward to this new dawn for The Book Blog, I know I am.

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