Massive – Julia Bell

Posted on November 15, 2009


by Julia Bell

This emotional and brilliantly well written book by Julia Bell provides an alternative take on a topic very important to our society: eating disorders.

This book addresses the issues teenagers have today with their weights. Obesity has hit the news hard, with celebrities like Jamie Oliver getting involved, and we have become a nation ruled by our diets. Unfortunately, the opposite end of the scale, anorexia and bulimia are also affecting teenage girls more and more. With size zero models twitching down the cat walk, and curvy celebrities being slated in the tabloids, no wonder we have such issues with out bodies. However, Carmen’s story is different. Carmen is a fourteen year old who was driven to an extreme diet not by the media, but her own mother. Carmen’s Mum has been extreme dieter for years, and she hates to see her daughter going fat. Carmen used to resist, sneaking Big Macs in on the way home from school. But when her life is uprooted by her Mum’s sudden decision to leave her husband and move to Birmingham and Carmen meets her Nana, who is an compulsive eater, Carmen is disgusted by what she sees, and is determined to lose weight, no matter what the cost.

In this stark, moving look at the world behind eating disorders, many teenagers will discover that eating disorders very often end in disaster, and show them that they don’t need to starve themselves to be happy and confident. Four stars. (:

By Eilidh.

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