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Torchwood: Trace Memory – David Llewellyn

July 31, 2008


Trace Memory is the fifth Torchwood book to be published. It covers the story of Michael Bellini, who was almost killed when a crate being delivered to Torchwood exploded. He is not killed but finds that he leaps uncontrollably through time and has visited every member of the Torchwood team throughout their lifetimes. When he […]

Torchwood: Something in the Water – Trevor Baxendale

June 22, 2008


Something in the Water is the fourth Torchwood book to be published. There is an unusually high number of coughs and colds in Cardiff, but this goes unnoticed by Torchwood because they are busy ghost-hunting. They unearth a dead body that, despite its advanced state of decay, is still able to communicate and it seems […]

Torchwood: The Twilight Streets – Gary Russell

June 20, 2008


The characters of Torchwood are taken from the screen to the page in a spectacular fashion in this action-packed tale. We thought that we had seen the last of Billis Manger when he disappeared in End of Days. We were wrong. When an old district of Cardiff is renovated, Toshiko Sato notices that the sponsor […]